marți, 1 decembrie 2009

Leak age

                                                       Le Voyage, Roland Penrose
There’s a leak in life’s trick
death is playing hide and sick
come on fisher drop a brick
deep into the laic lake
catch the golden fish
pull up the big
do it do it
for pity’s

4 comentarii:

ana litica spunea...

there is a leek in the primary soup
and a parsnip in our group
and a sweet apple
in my plate
oh baby baby
yo'love came too late

ora25 spunea...

iar nu-l vrea nimeni pe peştişorul de aramă pe care dacă-l prinzi te vezi albind. this pitilessness costs me such a white distress.

tetris spunea...

Intra, te rog, aici:

holicica spunea...

ana liti cana, to plate it too soon

ora, mi s’a spus că pestişoru’ e dezlegat în fiecare weekend

tetris am intrat, mersi :)